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Embark on a transformative era of digital asset trading, characterized by an unwavering commitment to user privacy and data protection

Technology in MixerSwap

Account Abstraction (AA)

MixerSwap excels in user experience through seamless integration of Account Abstraction, ensuring accessibility regardless of Web3 familiarity

Gas Fee Management

Users gain precise control over how an account pays gas fees, optimizing costs and speeds

Privacy Protection

Smart contract wallets under AA shield user identities, enhancing overall privacy

Transaction Validation

Unwanted transactions that do not meet predefined conditions are automatically blocked


Zero-Knowledge Technology

MixerSwap harnesses the power of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Technology, a sophisticated cryptographic method, to enable transaction validation without revealing sensitive information. This advanced approach guarantees that both transaction details and user data remain confidential at all times.


Mixerswap's Suite Of Privacy Features

The following are the hosting packages that are most favored by our clients

Privacy Mixer

Blend multiple transactions, obfuscate their origin, and redistribute them to intended recipients, protecting individual's financial activities from prying eyes.

Privacy Aggregator

Consolidate diverse AMMs, providing users real-time access to optimized token prices while upholding top-notch information security standards in decentralized exchanges.

Privacy Multichain DEX

Conduct cross-chain trades seamlessly on the upper layer, fortified by an additional cryptographic privacy layer that secures sensitive details below.

DAO Committee

Deter potential misuse of Mixerswap for crypto money laundering through a DAO community empowered to disclose sender-recipient relationships.

BTC - zkSync Bridge

Facilitate the transfer of Proof on the Bitcoin network for anonymous transactions — previously impossible due to Bitcoin's lack of smart contracts.

Privacy Factory

Utilize AI and Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology to efficiently and accurately generate smart contracts, concealing the identity of the contract's creator.

Adherence to Foundational Values


Streamlined protocols minimize transaction delays


ZKPs tech ensures transaction confidentiality


Account Abstraction enhances user protection


Privacy Mixer and AMM enable discreet and private transactions



Preparation Phase

  • Strategic Infrastructure Establishment
  • MVP Development and Rollout
  • AA Integration
  • Beta Product Refinement
  • Strategic Market Entry
  • Market Investigation

Mainnet Phase

  • Private Fundraising Initiative
  • Privacy Mixer
  • Privacy AMM Aggregator
  • Mainnet Product
  • Public Fundrasing Campaign
  • Official Launch
  • DAO Committee

Pro-Build Phase

  • Technical Upgrades
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Private Multichain DEX
  • Optimize and Build More
  • Offline Conference
  • Worldwide Marketing Campaign
  • Bitcoin Network Integration

Expert-Build Phase

  • AI Tool Integration
  • Privacy Factory
  • Cost-Efficiency & Swift Transactions
  • Multi-Chain with ZK Tech
  • CEX Listing
  • Trading Bot Adoption

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